What’s Electronic Museum Guide Or Audio Guide


Electronic Museum Guides are electronic handheld devices to provide audio, visual or textual content to museum visitors with or without user interaction during museum visits.

Usage Areas

Electronic Museum Guides are used in every type of museum. Including open area museums.


Electronic Museum Guides may be provided by the museums with or without a fee. Some museums offer the systems with entrance ticket or promotional tickets.

Content Types

Museum Guides provides content to visitors in several forms


  • Audio Content
  • Textual Content
  • Visual Content including videos, animations and so on.

Content Alternatives

Electronic Museum Guides shall be operated to supply content in different languages and accents, with different voice alternatives like (Man/Woman/Child/Native Speaker/TV Speaker/etc.), with subtitles, with age group specific content.

Extra Contents

Electronic Museum Guides shall include extra contents like ads, banners, sponsor links, and so on. Electronic Museum Guides shall play the extra content with object triggering, time triggering, location triggering or action triggering mechanisms.

Tour Guiding Mechanism


  • Electronic Museum Guides may provide several options for tour guiding.
  • Self Motivated Tours : Visitor shall tour the museum on behalf.
  • Directed Tours : Visitor is directed by the system in a manner such that visitor can visit object by object section by section or theme by theme. This option can also be altered by restricting the time of visit.
  • Semi-Directed Tours : Visitor is directed by the system but he or she can break the sequence and can then join the sequence respectively. Operating Alternatives Electronic museum guides may be operated by several ways: Touch/push button systems will be operated by the visitor. Visitor will enter the code assigned to the object to the electronic museum guide and the related content is provided.
  • Location aware systems will semi automatically operate. They sense the location by several alternative technologies and provide the related content. If the sensing area is not narrow enough to detect every different object then the visitor will enter or select the content he or she wants.
  • Line of Sight Aware Systems will automatically operate. They sense the location and the target object and provides the related content. These systems may include an artificial intelligence that will measure the visitor aims and interest areas and may provide shallower or deeper information for the object. These systems may need special technologies for target detection.

Interactive Electronic Museum Guides

Electronic Museum Guides can be interactive. The interactiveness may include:


  • Short Messaging between visitors or museum staff electronic stores electronic city
  • Souvenir Sales Integration
  • Voice Message Recording
  • Action, Presentation, Meeting Planning
  • Object/Content blogging
  • Conduct Survey
  • Collect Opinions
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction Survey

Museum Management Support Features

Electronic Museum Guides shall provide the museum management great statistics and reports. Which may include:


  • Tour Statistics
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Visitor aims
  • Object Statistics
  • Opinions
  • Survey Results and statistics


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